I’ve now made William two pairs of Made By Rae‘s excellent Parsley Pants. Both pairs are made from cord from Fabrics Galore. Here is my first attempt:

Parsley Pants 1

I thought they worked rather well. The pattern is super easy and amazingly quick, given that it only really involves two pieces. I did the flat-fronted version, which might have taken ten minutes longer than the basic version. I cut the size for a two-year-old and didn’t make any alterations.

Here is my second go:

Parsley Pants 2

This time, I shortened the crotch length by about an inch, to fit under W’s little tummy, and added a few inches to the bottom of the legs (as you can see, I added too much. I also should have enough patience to wait until the morning, when W is awake, to hem the trousers. But I don’t). Still, these are great, and the product of only one evening’s work, from getting out the pattern to completed trousers. Score.

Of course, the second time W worn the first pair, he caught them on a branch and tore a huge hole. Result: Parsley Shorts!

Parsley Shorts

Much more appropriate for the weather we’re having in London anyway.


phoebe bag 1

So, I made something that isn’t trousers. It must be the heat. Anyway, I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out. This is the Phoebe Bag pattern (free!) and I love it. The shape (the reason I chose it, naturally) is absolute perfection and the size is exactly what I was after – it’s big enough to hold my essentials as well as a spare nappy and baby wipes for emergencies, but not so big I lose everything in it / end up lugging a pile of unnecessary stuff along.

It came together easily and only took a couple of evenings. I used a black linen / cotton blend for the outside (maybe from John Lewis? I think it was John Lewis) and I lined it with the poly gabardine that I used for these trousers. I know, I know, it *is* a bit garish, but I think I’ll manage to get away with it just this once. The only thing I’m a bit sorry about is that I was too lazy to change the bottom thread when I was top-stitching and so you can see my (slightly wobbly) black line on the grey inside of the strap and the top of the lining. (That’s why there aren’t any close-up photos!). Next time I’ll make more effort. And there certainly will be a next time.

I’m all about trousers these days, as you’ve probably gathered. My latest pair is for 14-month-old E and it is another incarnation (at least my tenth so far) of Rae’s Big Butt Baby Pants. This time I made the 6 to 12 month size (she’s a little girl, my daughter) and it’s still a bit big for her, as you can see. Apart from that, I’m pleased with how these came out. The pink cord is hopefully light enough to go through the summer and I like the flat-felled seams I’ve recently started doing on the back panel and the front centre seam.

Here’s the girl herself:


Excuse the yogurt down her t-shirt!

Excuse the yogurt down her t-shirt!

I’ve been trying to find a good pattern to make trousers for W (who’s just three) for a while. When he was tiny, I used Rae’s Big Butt Baby Pants pattern (I love that name!), which was great, but after a while I wanted something more grown up. I tried the trouser patterns in Sewing For Boys, but they were huge for my slim little one, and I thought it would be just be too much trouble to make them fit. Finally I found a¬†free pattern on Whole Grain Baby (which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be available any more). It is still too wide but much closer and ticks lots of boxes as it has a flat front, false fly, and great pockets. I took out an inch in width from the front and back of each of the legs and shortened the crotch about an inch as well (as in my first version he looked like he was wearing drop crotch trousers, Justin Bieber-style, which wasn’t exactly the look I was going for). Here’s his new pair in dark brown cord.


These were so popular that, having tried them on, he wouldn’t let me take them off to finish the hems. So we went out all frayed. Worse things can happen.

I’ve been trying to make a pair of trousers that fits me perfectly for a LONG time. I started with a New Look pattern and despite making eight (eight!) muslins, I couldn’t get them to fit properly. I took Sandra Betzina’s Craftsy class, I read ‘Pants for Real People’ cover-to-cover, I scoured the internet, but nothing I tried worked. Then I decided to rub off a RTW pair which fitted me quite well and had sadly come to the end of their natural life.

I made a wearable muslin with my rubbed-off pattern. The front was fine, but I still had too much fabric under the bum at the back. I tried Sandra Betzina’s fix, which involves cutting a little sliver off the top of the inside leg seam at the back, so that the back is slightly shorter than the front, and stretching the back to fit while sewing.

Here is my second attempt at the rubbed-off pattern, with the fix. It’s another wearable muslin made from a ¬†synthetic gabardine from John Lewis. Again, I think the front looks fine (the ‘whiskers’ are from sitting down, not because it’s tight!).

Grey trousers front

I’m less convinced about the back. I think there’s still too much fabric under the bum.

grey trousers back

Next thing to try is a fish-eye dart! Wish me luck!