phoebe bag 1

So, I made something that isn’t trousers. It must be the heat. Anyway, I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out. This is the Phoebe Bag pattern (free!) and I love it. The shape (the reason I chose it, naturally) is absolute perfection and the size is exactly what I was after – it’s big enough to hold my essentials as well as a spare nappy and baby wipes for emergencies, but not so big I lose everything in it / end up lugging a pile of unnecessary stuff along.

It came together easily and only took a couple of evenings. I used a black linen / cotton blend for the outside (maybe from John Lewis? I think it was John Lewis) and I lined it with the poly gabardine that I used for these trousers. I know, I know, it *is* a bit garish, but I think I’ll manage to get away with it just this once. The only thing I’m a bit sorry about is that I was too lazy to change the bottom thread when I was top-stitching and so you can see my (slightly wobbly) black line on the grey inside of the strap and the top of the lining. (That’s why there aren’t any close-up photos!). Next time I’ll make more effort. And there certainly will be a next time.